As a quality security services provider, we made it our business to serve and protect the legal Cannabis market.

Prime Protection specializes in and exclusively services Cannabis Retail stores across Ontario. Our staff are trained in all AGCO-related areas and are CannSell Certified. As a result, we are now the go-to security firm for cannabis retail stores.

Our Specialty

Providing Exclusive Security for Cannabis Retail Stores

The services we deliver are comprehensive, ranging from risk assessment right through to the implementation of all the AGCO regulations. We help retailers navigate all the relevant legislation while supporting them with full-range security services.

Depending on the retailer’s preference, we provide tactical uniformed guards equipped with body armour or officers wearing suits and ties for a professional and luxurious appearance. After an initial consultation, we devise a security package to cater to each cannabis retailer’s needs tailoring the level of service.

Cannabis Informed

Our Security Guards Are CannSell Certified

All of our security guards have gone through the CannSell certification process. As a result, they are best placed to work with your staff. Our team is experienced, and we provide the security backing you require to run a safe and profitable business whilst complying with all government regulations.

AGCO Compliance

We Help You Comply With All the Regulations

Our highly trained, experienced, and CannSell certified staff members will help you implement all relevant legislation and AGCO regulations. As an organization that works closely with the AGCO, you can rest assured that we will secure your cannabis store in full compliance with all the regulations. 

Quality Risk Assessment

We Identify Risks and Minimize Them

When we start working with a cannabis retailer, we carry out an in-depth risk assessment to identify areas of need. We then go on to minimizing these risks, putting in place all the security measures and surveillance necessary. Risk assessment of the premises and store forms an integral part of this process.

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