Security Guard Training Course


In order to become a security guard, it is mandated by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services that a ministry approved 40-hour security guard course must be completed. Completion of the 40-hour course will allow you to write the Provincial Security Guard Exam and apply for your Ontario Security Guard License. This course includes 33.5 hours of Security Guard Training and 6.5 hours of Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C Training.

Our course consists of 33.5 hours of Online Security Guard Training, 3 hours of First Aid & CPR is also online with only 3.5 hours of in-class CPR training required.


Success in the security industry starts with a solid foundation. The difference between other security guard training courses and Prime Protection is that they all offer to teach you the same bare minimum while Prime Protection gives you a more comprehensive training program. Unlike other training providers, at Prime Protection you will receive Field Training that will give you the experience and practical training required to perform your first job confidently.

In our Security Guard Course, we cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Security Industry
  • The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Code of Conduct regulation
  • Basic Security Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Health and Safety
  • Emergency Response Preparation
  • Canadian Legal System
  • Legal Authorities
  • Effective Communications
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Use of Force Theory
  • Emergency Level First Aid Certification


In order to become a security guard in Toronto you need to be focused on partnering up with a teamwork-oriented training company.  Prime Protection prides itself in being the best security guard and security training company in Toronto. We believe that every student of ours should be qualified to obtain a security guard job with us even if they choose not to be employed by us.


You received your license and are now in the job market. Allow us to make the transition into a new career easier for you by providing you with a job opportunity in the security industry. You will receive your security guard license and field training with Prime Protection and we will also offer a job opportunity to those who receive their training with us.


Unlike all other training entities, Prime Protection provides on the field training for you to implement all that you have leaned, and learn more about how security guards operate on the field. You received your license but have no experience or knowledge about what needs to be done as a security guard, allow our highly trained top-tier security guards to show you the ropes of this industry. With this extra training, you will be ready to tackle your new career and will be on the road to success.


We are one of the few First Aid & CPR companies in Ontario that offer a blended of online and in-class First Aid course. We have a blended First Aid & CPR program that allows you to spend only 3.5 hours in class. 3 hours of theoretical training is completed online and 3.5 hours in class for the practical training with our dedicated and experienced instructors. You receive optimal results with minimal time required.

Other marked benefits from choosing our services are:


We provide an excellent learning environment for our students to develop professionally and personally. We are always progressing and providing every means of comfort to our students for better and adequate learning.


Flexible training allows you to work at your own pace and time. The security training program is entirely online and accessible 24 hours. With this convenience, you have the opportunity to create your own desired schedule to complete this course.


With plenty of security guard training courses available in Ontario, you will compromise quality of training for affordable pricing. But at Prime Protection, we ensure students receive only the best training at an affordable price. You deserve an opportunity to join the security industry at an affordable rate while receiving the highest standard of training.


We have all the online facilities that make learning easier for our students. Our online academy/classes are user friendly and easy to navigate through. Anyone from any area can enroll and access the courses and secure a better future opportunity.


Our response rate is fast and on time. We are always ready to help solve all issues our students may face. From the time you enroll until the time you receive your license; we are here to help and guide you throughout.


Our training program provides you with a mock test after completing the 33.5 hours of security guard training. This mock test will help prepare you for the Ministry Exam. You are able to write the mock test as many times as you like to ensure you are ready for the exam.


The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services mandates that persons who are looking to become security guards must enroll and complete a 40-hour security guard training course. A 40-hour security guard course including Emergency First Aid & CPR is required to become a security guard in the province of Ontario.

Our Ministry Approved 12 Lesson course contains 33.5 hours of security guard training material and 6.5 hours of Emergency First Aid & CPR. Our training is completely online with only 3.5 hours of CPR Training in class. Our 12 Lesson course will get you prepared for a successful career in the security industry. A few topics covered in our course are: Code of Conduct regulation, Report Writing, Health and Safety and Use of Force Theory.


People think that when it comes to online, the quality eventually compromise. But, we assure you of high-quality training. As we have described earlier, we have the supervision of field officers so, you can estimate the quality by yourself.

To get a license, the person must meet all the essential requirements. Requirements are subjected to fulfillment when you take an authorized and well-described course. Despite protecting services, you must be more vigilant towards the industry you are joining. Our security guard course will enable you to achieve your future designations and aspirations. It is way far beyond just an exam!

We have these four courses for our students to get trained themselves.

Security Guard Course WITH Emergency First Aid & CPR

Many people believe that having a job as a security guard is a dead-end career; Things couldn’t be further from the truth.  When you get a job as a security guard you open yourself up to the possibility of having a long-term career in law enforcement.  Many of the individuals that take our online security guard training have moved on to illustrious careers as police officers, correctional officers, peace officers, by-law officers, etc.

It is a requirement of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services that all personnel applying for the security guard license must have a valid First Aid Certificate. Our security guard training with Emergency First Aid & CPR training is available for those individuals who don’t have a valid First Aid Certificate.



Security Guard Course (Without Emergency First Aid & CPR)

Becoming a security guard requires an in depth understanding of different laws pertaining to the security industry as well as protection of people and property. This course will get you prepared with the knowledge required to successfully work on the field as a security guard. We strongly believe in your ability to go further and faster in the security industry with our training.

If you already have a valid First Aid certificate that has not expired then taking our online security guard course without First Aid & CPR training maybe the best option for you. However, if you do not have a First Aid and CPR certificate, consider choosing option 1 in order to save time and money



Emergency First Aid & CPR

Emergency First Aid & CPR is usually the minimum requirement for many professions such as pharmacists, nurses, security guards, etc. This is a hybrid course with 3 hours of online training and 3.5 hours of in-class training. This course will teach you necessary skills to have in case of emergency situations. Some of the topics covered are listed below:

  • Purpose of first aid
  • Role of the first aider
  • Emergency Scene Management and Lifersaver 101 rules of 123&ABC
  • Follow up 5
  • Shock, Fainting, Unconsciousness and recovery position
  • Burns
  • Wound care and Severe bleeding
  • Adult and child CPR, Unconsciousness choking
  • Adult and child AED
  • Infant choking, infant CPR and infant AED
  • Conscious choking


Standard First Aid & CPR

Standard First Aid is an advanced two-day course for those who are interested in learning the necessary skills to have in case of emergency situations caused by injury or illness. This course may be required for certain individuals based on their work requirement. Some of the topics covered are listed below.

  • Purpose of first aid
  • Role of the first aider
  • Emergency Scene Management and Lifersaver 101 rules of 123&ABC
  • Follow up 5
  • Shock, Fainting, Unconsciousness and recovery position
  • Wound care and Severe bleeding
  • Heart attack, angina, stroke, TIA and cardiovascular disease
  • Survival links, anatomy 101 and tools for the job
  • Adult and child CPR & AED, Unconsciousness choking
  • Infant choking, infant CPR and infant AED
  • Conscious choking
  • Diabetes Seizures, Asthma and
  • Poisons
  • Eye, ear and nose injuries
  • Burns
  • Spinal injury, Casualty management, Prone log roll
  • Head injuries and dental injuries
  • Heat and cold injuries
  • Bone and joint injuries
  • Full body assessment




You will get adequate knowledge of basic security procedures. The procedures include personal protection, information protection, surveillance techniques, and handling various situations.


You will surely gain efficient knowledge of health and safety in any emergency. You become able to provide first aid, CPR and can use the knowledge wherever you will get assigned


Writing reports is one of the perks of being a security officer. After successive completion, you will learn the proper art of writing security reports. Even critical situations such as recording witness statements or information will become easier.


Security guards have sufficient awareness concerning the laws and legislations because it is highly relatable to their profession concerning the protection of persons or properties.


In the course, the emergencies tackling order and methods brought to inclusion. You can tackle the situations in a less timely yet most effective manner. The main aspects of emergencies are first aid supply and CPR techniques. In short, you will be able to serve in difficult and instant situations.


Being a security guard, you have to treat the situation accordingly. If you are meeting and handling a diverse group of people, there is a need for kindness and sensitivity. That is the reason why sensitivity training is compulsory. You have to shape your attitude and behavior by recognizing the impact on the other person.


The course will enhance your communicating skills. It will let you learn about responding professionally. Communication has to do more with a security officer because a security officer has to communicate more, be it criminal, witness, suspects, or some other individual.



Among others, it is also significant to use the forces where necessary. You will learn the limits of force you can apply. You will also be able to address the situations while being under pressure.

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