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Prime Protection implements a luxury style concierge service built to cater towards condominiums and officeas satisfying the needs and requests of its residents. Prime Protection is dedicated on providing extraordinary luxury concierge and security services while maintaining a substantial security presence for the safety of your property and assets.

Through the establishment of partnerships we have formed with some of Toronto’s luxury brands, every request is satisfied.


Receive personal security for your home with a mobile concierge service completely designed and customized to satisfy your wants and needs while solving your security concerns for your home, family and people you love.


Protect your business with the presence of our highly trained security guards to ensure your day to day business operates safely and your assets are protected 24 hours of the day so you can receive the peace of mind you deserve.


Prime Protection provides employers and property managers with office security improving the overall safety and image of the organization.

Our utmost detailed luxury services and presence brings the tenants an amazing experience while working and allows the employees and visitors to feel safe at all times.


Industrial and construction sites are targets for trespassing, vandalism and other illegal activities.

Prime Protections tactical security guards prevent illegal activities from occurring on industrial and construction sites with their exceptional training in awareness and detection of suspicious activities and, deescalate potential threats to raise the safety of the property and assets.


Our professionally attired team are always prepared and experienced in providing a friendly, reliable customer service experience for your event.

We offer the option of tactical or staff-oriented uniforms/security presence to meet any of your needs


Trust Prime Protection to provide reliable and friendly community center security to ensure your members, staff & visitors are safe and your facility is protected. Our team will maintain contact and communication to ensure your community center security needs are provided without discrepancies.

Choose Prime Protection to establish quality security and a peace of mind.


Prime Protection is dedicated in securing synagogues, temples, mosques and churches. Reduce threats and improve security for guests and visitors. We create a better and safer worshiping experience for all.

Our services include – Parking management, Crowd control, frequent patrol and escorting in or out of premises


Our patrol services are an efficient and budget friendly solution to deterring crime and maintaining safety through the presence of our guards conducting patrols throughout the day and/or night.

We proudly provide patrol services to Residential homes, Storage & Truck yards/lots, Commercial & Industrial Buildings & many other general businesses

We Care About You & Your Business Protection
Guaranteed Your Safety With Highly Trained Manpower
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